Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miraculous Medals

Miraculous Medals are worn by millions of Catholics around the globe. The are an outward expression of faith and are rooted in the promise of Grace by the Blessed Mother.

In 1830 St. Catherine, then a novitiate, was told by the blessed Mother to ask to have the Miraculous Medal crafted. She did as she was instructed and after 2 years finally the medal was struck the way the Blessed Mother instructed.

The miraculous medal gained great popularity and those who were wearing them experienced great graces. The medal is also synonymous with conversion. There were several Saints that chose to wear the medal and said that it was through those graces they converted.

We are entering that period of the liturgical year where RCIA Candidates will be entering their final six weeks before their conversion is complete. This Miraculous Medal makes a great gift idea for any person who is becoming Catholic this year.

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