Friday, April 23, 2010

Nativity Sets are a great way to enhance the Christmas season. This is a classic visual retelling of this date that is the epicenter of Christmas. As parents you will find that this probably one of the easiest way to each a child the real meaning of Christmas.

I found some great Children's nativity sets here and think it a great and safe way to teach the nativity.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Franciscian Rosary Makes Unique Gift

Tis the time for sponsors. Confirmation and RCIA sponsors play an important role during this period. One unique gift idea for a man is a Franciscan Rosary. It is inspired by St. Francis and often has 15 decades as opposed to the traditional ten decades.

What is most interesting is this rosary is usually made of a simple jute cord and wood. In the modern age the crucifix is hand carved and made of wood that mimics St. Francis original rosary. It is a more masculine rosary and we would recommend this rosary for adult men. A Franciscan Rosary is also very durable because of the cord as opposed to links making it a perfect gift for the most rugged man.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wooden Rosary Beads Make Great Kids Gift

Wooden Rosary for Children make a great first communion gift ideas. These are usually large bright beads that fit little finger well. They also have non toxic paint and are big enough that it will be hard to swallow beads as a tradition rosary would be.

Family rosary time is important for a family as the children grow and these rosaries make a great way for children to participate. It is recommended that children be taught the rosary early and a children's rosary makes a great way to do that.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

St. Cecilia Medal

Looking for a gift for choir members or musicians. A St. Cecilia medal or prayer card is a perfect gift. St. Cecilia lived in 200 a.d. and was martyred. It took three attempts to kill her with only a beheading being successful.

She was bestowed with title the patron saint of singers, choir members, composers and poets because as she died she was singing the praises of God. She is often depicted on a patron saint medal with a harp.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Four Way Crosses or medals are a great gift ideas for new Catholic who will be coming into the Church at Easter. They are fashioned after the Miraculous Medal which was given to Catholics by the Blessed Mother.

The Miraculous Medal is often thought of in regard to conversion. The 4 way cross takes the original idea such as the image of Mary and the sacred heart of Jesus and often couples that with the 2 other saints. There are many variations that also have the image of Jesus on the cross as well.

As far back as the second century images of St. Peter and St. Paul on rudimentary fashioned coin. And this was an early type of medal that incorporated multiple religious themes.

A Four way medal makes a great gift in this upcoming RCIA and Communion seasons

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miraculous Medals

Miraculous Medals are worn by millions of Catholics around the globe. The are an outward expression of faith and are rooted in the promise of Grace by the Blessed Mother.

In 1830 St. Catherine, then a novitiate, was told by the blessed Mother to ask to have the Miraculous Medal crafted. She did as she was instructed and after 2 years finally the medal was struck the way the Blessed Mother instructed.

The miraculous medal gained great popularity and those who were wearing them experienced great graces. The medal is also synonymous with conversion. There were several Saints that chose to wear the medal and said that it was through those graces they converted.

We are entering that period of the liturgical year where RCIA Candidates will be entering their final six weeks before their conversion is complete. This Miraculous Medal makes a great gift idea for any person who is becoming Catholic this year.

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